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The Difference Between Cat5 and Cat6

The difference between Cat 6 Cable, Cat 6a and Cat 5 cable is the performance and available bandwidth. A standard Cat5 cable has runs at about 100MHz and Cat 6 runs up to 250MHz. Cat 6 has pretty much over double the speed for transmission compared to Cat 5. You could also take it a little further by going with Cat 6a that runs up 550 MHz, over four times as fast as Cat 5e.

Some of the reasons why Cat 6 is able to achieve this because of better near end cross talk (NEXT), equal level far end cross talk (ELFEXT) and better insertion loss. Cat 6 cable also has higher signal-to-noise ratio which provides better reliability for demanding application now and in the future. Cat 6a is able to achieve this through grounding the cable and shielding the individual pairs, by doing so the amount of interference and resistance is drastically reduced.The Cat 6 cable will provide your network with less errors and fewer re-transmission loss and/or corrupted data packets because Cat 6 is more resistant to external noise and provides better transmission performance than Cat 5.

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Research and Markets: Study this Comprehensive Analysis and Forecasts to 2015 for the Use of Structured Cabling Systems in Vertical Markets Today

DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research and Markets(http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/d560ab/structured_cabling)

has announced the addition of the "Structured

Cabling Systems Market Vertical Analysis" report to their offering.



Hotel/Food Services



Administrative/Support Services

Real Estate

State Government




Professional/Technical Services





Federal Government



Total SCS Market

Copper Cabling Systems Market

UTP Cable Market

Fiber Cabling Systems Market

Fiber Cable Systems Market

Also Included is an analysis and forecast for the vertical markets by

major cabling applications:

LANs Data Centers VOIP

Questions answered by this report:

What is the largest vertical market for UTP copper cables? fiber


How large is the SCS market for Healthcare, Retail or Manufacturing?

What will be the largest vertical market for fiber cables in 2015?

Which are the primary vertical markets to target in the future?

For the healthcare sector, how large is the SCS market for LANs Data

Centers VOIP?

What will be the impact of emerging technologies (100 Gbps now, 1000

Gbps in the future) on the future SCS market?

Some of the Topics Covered:

Chapter 1


Chapter 2

Total SCS Market Forecast

Chapter 3

Vertical Market Definitions

Chapter 4

Technology/Product Trends

Chapter 5

Total SCS Market Forecasts

Chapter 6

Copper Cabling Forecasts

Total Copper Cabling Forecast

Chapter 7

Fiber Cabling Systems Forecast

Chapter 8

Copper Cable Forecast

Chapter 9

Fiber Cable Forecast

Chapter 10

Total SCS Vertical Markets Forecast

Chapter 11

UTP Cabling Vertical Market Forecast

Chapter 12

Fiber Cabling Vertical Market Forecast

Chapter 13

UTP Cable Vertical Market Forecast

Chapter 14

Fiber Cable Vertical Market Forecast


For more information visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/d560ab/structured_cabling.

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How to setup LAN with crossover connection between two Windows PC (with cable color code)

Crossover cabling is essential if you want to share files between your laptop and desktop (basically two computers). Its very cheap to prepare a crossover able. You just need two RJ45 jacks, CAT5e cable (length depends on your requirement) and one crimping tool. Apart from these one more important thing is there, that is color coding which I am going to tell you in this article.

The process of crimping is so simple that, if carefully followed, a newbie can also do this with no difficulty. Because this is a crossover connection (i.e. PC to PC connection, no hub or switch is required) it is a bit confusing than direct LAN cabling. But, once you understand the color coding, it will become the easiest job in the world. So, pay attention read carefully.

If you facing any difficulty to understand these color code or you have no idea about cable crimping then you can purchase any crossover cable from below mentioned amazon list.